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Phil Cramp is a Manchester born writer with several short poetry publications under his belt. Described (by himself) as Maya Angelou meets Taylor Swift, his poetry touches upon love, sexuality and pop culture. Whether blisteringly painful or bitterly sarcastic, his affinity for always trying to see the funny side of life makes him want to inject a healthy dose of humour into his work.

"My poetry is a form of therapy that helps me express on paper what i can't seem to articulate verbally. My hope is that my readers can relate to my words, be they love letters or vented frustrations, and are above all else entertained or moved by them."



  • i hope something falls on you (2011)

  • out of the closet (2012)

  • on my gaydar (2012)

  • the sweet & sour cupcake - a recipe gone awry (2013)

  • little ho cheap (2014)

  • The assassination of simon bean: assistant manager (2015)

  • boyology: a study of men through the lenses of love & heartbreak (2016)

  • Joy: tales from the joyseekers (2019)


  • battling gaycism (2014) (Editor)

  • the fart of the deal - a parody (2020) (editor)

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