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Precious Illusions

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

My precious illusions that run through my head,

they don’t let me down or leave me in the cold, no waiting around, no word left untold. A shoulder to lean on, my shelter from the rain, kisses and cuddles to soothe away the pain.

The alternate reality I create exists solely in my head. Internal projections and expectations leave my heart misled.

My throat is sore, my heart aches, the curtain falls, the filter breaks.

I’ve raced ahead again, you turn to walk away, I cast you as Prince Charming but my hero went astray. Why aren’t you what I imagined? The tricks my mind has played. How do I go back and change those tracks that I’ve mislaid?

Third published poem, featured in 'Uplifting Moments' by United Press Ltd. (2011)

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