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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Here comes the rain

to wash away the joy.

Left numb and melancholic,

empty heart and homesick.

Subject to constant parody,

only drone, there is no melody.

What remains is awkward silence,

death, tragedy, greed & violence.

Here comes the pain

to wipe away the hope.

Shrouded deep in heartache,

all their words are fake.

No more truth and honesty,

lost behind their vanity.

The stench of this reality,

I’m driven to insanity.

Here comes the rain

to wash away my dreams.

They all point straight,

and campaign for hate.

The clouds are forming overhead,

it’s the part I always dread.

The gloves are off,

the razor’s sharp.

Their vicious lies

made for my demise.

All I have to do is close my eyes,

and visualise.

Disconnected from the world outside,

I sit and hide.

I’m buried deep in thought and fantasy.

Nothing can hurt me now,

‘coz I’m in my Sanctuary.

 First published poem, featured in 'A Message To You' by United Press Ltd. (2010). Also available in 'Poets Of The Year 2011' by United Press Ltd. (2011).

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